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April 7th at 7 pm at Global.


The Global / Legends Scholarship Program.

Start building your students' scholarship fund today. It's never too late to start.

The Waxahachie Global High PTO has a working relationship with Legends, the international food and beverage company that overseas the operation of all concession stands out at AT&T Stadium, and other stadiums all over the world.

We staff the Papa John's pizza stand, the first concession stand at the east end on the main level of AT&T Stadium near seating M201; and/or nacho/hot dog carts near there based on the number of individuals that sign up for that event.

The Papa John's pizza stand sells on average $28,000 worth of concessions at a Cowboys game, of which we receive 8% in commission.


This is how we raise money for our Global students' scholarship funds, so whoever works events gets rewarded for their work.


The charter of this PTO has always been to raise money for scholarships, so that we may send our graduating seniors off to college and university with a little financial aid.


Since the inception of this new Scholarship Program, we have raised over $100,000.


Every Student at Global automatically qualifies for their own Global / Legends Scholarship Fund. Click on the blue button above to register and to volunteer at an AT&T Stadium event and start building your students' scholarship fund today. 


Want to come out and try it out first - no worries - sign up for an event and then come out and give it a go. 



In order for your student to receive a scholarship, either the student or the parent (or sibling) or both must work an AT&T Stadium Event to help us sell concessions!


For every student or parent that volunteers, a Scholarship Fund will be started in that student's name.


We need volunteers to help sell concessions at Cowboys games and other events.

In order to volunteer you will need the following:

  • Be a Global Student.

  • Be a Global Parent or Sibling from any grade level. Yes, Brothers and Sisters can help too.

For TABC or Food Handlers Certificates, go here ( and use RPULLEY for the promotion code to save 10%.


Click on the blue button above to register to volunteer or to just take a look. Start adding to your students' scholarship fund today. Time is running out!




Q: What kind of black shirt can I wear?

A: A T-Shirt like the ones we sell in the Spirit Store. Any black T-Shirt will do.

Q: Where do we park out at the stadium and how much does it cost?

A: Parking is FREE. There are shuttles that take us from the parking lot to right outside the stadium.

Q: When can the student claim their Global / Legends Scholarship?

A: The student can claim their Scholarship after graduating from Global, or they can continue to add to it until such time as they are ready to claim it.


Q: If my student leaves Global what will happen to their Global /Legends Scholarship Fund?

A: Their Global / Legends Scholarship Fund will stay safe in their name, and they can claim it after they graduate high school.


Q: If a student and both parents volunteered at every event last year, how much would that student have in their scholarship fund today?

A: On average $5,000!


Q: Is there a limit to how much a student can have in their scholarship fund?

A: No, there is no limit.

Q: Is my scholarship tax free.



Q: If I bring more people to work at an event, then will I get more shares deposited in to my scholarship fund?

A: Yes you will. If you bring Mom, Dad, Big Brother and yourself, then you will receive four shares for that event.

Q: My student cant work at the stadium because of weekend work - can I still work it for him?

A: Yes you can. In fact your whole family can without them even being there.


Q: Do we sell concessions at other events besides Cowboys games?

A: Yes we do. This last year we also worked the Taylor Swift, Harvest America and Kenny Chesney concerts, Wrestlemania, SuperCross, World Soccer events as well as College Football games incuding The Cotton Bowl.


Q: I'm not sure if this is really for me. Can I give it a go to see if I like it?

A: Absolutely! Don't forget - you will be with other Global Parents and Students the whole time. We will show you what to do, and all of us will have your back! If you don't succeed then neither will we.

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