Global PTO Fundraising

                                                                   GLOBAL HIGH PTO MEETING MINUTES – 2014 – February 4


Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm

Old business

  • January minutes reviewed. Motion made to correct the word “I” to “if” and accept them.  Motion was seconded and approved.

  • Went over financial report for December and January.  During the report a discussion about expenditures by use of a debit card took place as well as discussion of whether or not we should keep the debit card for future use.  Motion was made to keep the card.  It was seconded and carried with a 8 to 5 majority vote.

  • Motion was made that a spending limit be set per event at each PTO meeting or event committee.  In the event that something comes up between events a quorum of board members must approve by email.  Quorum is 3 out of 5 board members.  Motion was seconded and carried. 

  • Motion was made to accept the financial report.

  • Motion was made to have debit card purchases take from general fund and then be allocated to events at PTO meetings. This motion was seconded and carried with 11 to 1 majority vote.

Mr. Snook                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • 504 meetings will be coming in the next month

  • Went over upcoming events calendar

    • 2/17 Now a school day

    • 3/3-6 Exit level TAKS test

    • 3/7 Early release

    • 3/10-14 Spring break

    • 3/17 Student Holiday

    • 3/21 Report Cards

New Business

Motion was made to have Tinsel and Treats tree raffle funds be allotted evenly across all grades.  Motion was seconded and approved.

Further discussion of fundraiser allotment to take place later.

Motion made, seconded and approved for all future raffles to be split evenly across all grades.


Decadent Dessert Night will be March 22.  Cost will be $5/person.  Funds raised from this event will be evenly distributed across all grades.


Spirit Store will now be open on Thursdays during lunch periods.

Need volunteers to help with PTO booth for Going Global information night for interested 8th grade students.

During Tinsel and Treats the teachers dressed up their doors and a $50 gift card was promised to the winning teacher.  Mrs. Kline won this contest and has not been given her card.  Motion was made to have Brett use the debit card and purchase the card from general fund account to be given to her. It was seconded and approved.

Senior parents are raising money for senior activities.  They will be asking for monetary donations instead of adding more fundraisers.                                                                                                                                                                                 

No other new business was mentioned.

Motion was made to close the meeting.  Motion was seconded and carried and meeting was closed at 9:09pm.

Next meeting 3/4/14.

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