Global PTO Fundraising



JUNE 4, 2013.


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Brett Lewis.

May minutes were reviewed with 4 changes. A Motion was made to accept the May minutes with changes which was seconded and approved.

May financials were reviewed by Kathryn Robertson. A Motion was made to accept the May financials which was seconded and approved. Kathryn proposed to purchase Accounting Software to help Melanie Moore keep the PTO financials. Brett Lewis suggested we use a free online accounting program through Kathryn suggested that we check with CNB Bank about account online access. A motion was made to authorize the purchase of accounting software not to exceed $500.00. Motion was seconded and approved.

Mr. Snook shared that on; May 8th 150 students were honored, May 11th 53 students out of 75 graduated from Navarro College with Associates Degrees, June2nd that the Baccalaureate and Senior Banquet was very well done, June 7th Students will graduate at the SAGU Campus, that 153 Freshmen have applied for 2013/14, June 11th will be taking Department Heads of Global to UT Tyler Campus for a meeting / introduction, and finally on June 17th – 20th Global will be holding an Accuplacer testing camp to prepare students for the Accuplacer test. Mr. Snook informed the PTO that Mrs. Roberts (English teacher) will be leaving.  Mr. Snook also said that a Computer Science Class will be offered over summer instead of at the Navarro Campus which will save students the $225 access code fee. Mr. Snook’s wife Tanya Snook has graciously agreed to teach this class to the students.



The Baccalaureate and Senior Banquet had 350 people attend. Glenna Reisner said she will review the function with the junior class to see what could be improved upon for next year.

A Motion was made to bond Brett Lewis and Melanie Moore as they will have access to the PTO Bank Account in the amount of $50,000.00 at a cost of $100 per year. This Motion was seconded and approved.

A Motion was made to keep the cash box in Mr. Snooks Office therefore leaving access to the PTO safe by only two people (Brett Lewis and Melanie Moore). This Motion was seconded and approved.

A motion was then made to cancel the Spirit Store. This Motion was tabled and a new Motion was made to look into the possibility of switching to an online Spirit Store. This motion was seconded and approved.

Update on Campus Improvements. Brett Lewis found pricing on shade sails from $20 - $100. Glenna Reisner will contact a prison to see if they can make them too. A Motion was made to approve $3000.00 to start this project which is to be completed by August 1st, 2013.

Project Graduation update by Pam Roye – the raffle at the Senior Banquet raised $1200 which makes a total of $3900.00.

The new PTO Officer List will be distributed by email.

Glenna Reisner suggested that a note be placed on the next Yahoo group email for parents of graduated seniors that no longer want to receive the email can unsubscribe and tell them where (ie the bottom of the email).



A Motion was made to remove Cosigners Lisa Hoops (Outgoing PTO President) and Kathryn Robertson (Outgoing PTO Treasurer) from the PTO banking account (Acct # 020108886) at CNB Bank and to add Cosigners Brett Lewis (PTO President) and Melanie Moore (PTO Treasurer). Motion was seconded and approved.

Golf Tournament Committee – email will be sent out to organize meetings.

A Motion was made for Mrs. Moon’s 2013 Engineering Scholarship to be deposited with the District. This way WISD can provide the tax receipt for the donation. The Motion was seconded and approved. A Motion was also made that any future donations will only be accepted by the PTO if the “Donator” agrees to the PTO scholarship recipient selection process. This Motion was seconded and approved.



June 6th; early release 11:30am, SAGU Graduate practice at 1pm, Seniors to be at SAGU by 5:45pm, Graduation will start at 7pm, Project Graduation will start at 10pm at Ennis Bowling Alley and finish at 6:00am the next day.


August 6th – Next PTO meeting at 7pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.



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