Hang on to your hats folks cause the Global High PTO Travel Agency is open for business!! Ever wanted to travel and see the world? Well here is your chance to do it on our dollar....... well actually five thousand of them!!


New for this year, when you volunteer at an event at AT&T Stadium, you will receive one point. If you bring Mom and Dad with you, you will receive 3 points for that event. Your points will accumulate throughout the school year as you continue to work each event. At the end of the school year at the Global Awards Ceremony, you will receive one raffle ticket for every point you have accumulated. Those tickets along with everyone else's will go in to a drawing, and the winning ticket holder will win the following:


  • A free round trip airfare to any destination of your choice on the planet!

  • Another one for a friend!!

  • Accomodations

  • Car rental

  • Sight seeing

  • Spending money on a VISA Card

  • The entire package is worth $5,000** (See below for Terms and Conditions).

The Nitty Gritty - *Terms and Conditions.

  • Hereon in this Waxahachie Global High PTO Legends Incentive Program for Scholarships will be referred to as WGH PTO LIPS.

  • Entire travel package not to exceed $5000** (Five Thousand Dollars).

  • WGH PTO is not responsible for Passport fees, Visa fees or any other fees.

  • Once the winner selects the travel destination/s and they are booked, the winner is financially responsible for any fees brought on from altering any or all of said itinerary.

  • Spending Money on Visa Card not to exceed $1000.

  • Must be a student currently enrolled at Waxahachie Global High to participate in the WGH PTO LIPS.

  • The PTO can at the winner’s request, hold their travel package for them for no more than 12 months after they graduate from Global.

  • Return airfare date can be extended to any date as long as the winner understands that they will be responsible for any and all fees, costs and charges (including accommodation) after the $5000** limit has been reached.

  • The entire package to be booked online by the PTO President using the PTO debit card. A complete itinerary/statement/receipt showing all charges and a total will be provided to the PTO Treasurer for records. Any funds left over will be placed back in to the WGH PTO LIPS account.

  • Any funds left over after the travel package has been booked will be transferred back in to the WGH PTO LIPS Account for the following year.

  • A WGH PTO LIPS point will be issued to a student ONLY if they meet the following criteria:

    • ■ They must check in at AT&T Stadium on time

    • ■ So must anyone volunteering with said student

    • ■ They must work the entire shift

    • ■ They must show good moral perpatude when dealing with AT&T customers (after all we are representing not just Global High but also AT&T Stadium, The Dallas Cowboys, Legends Hospitality and The Jones Family)

    • ■ They must help in clean up. When everyone helps clean up then we all get out sooner rather than later.

    • ■ They must not leave until either the WGH PTO Representative in charge of the group says so or the Stand Captain (Legends employee) says so.

  • WGH PTO reserves the right to change, alter, add or delete any part of the WGH PTO LIPS and any terms and conditions at any time without notice.

  • Any decision made by the WGH PTO Executive Board regarding the WGH PTO LIPS is final.

  • By participating in this program (WHG PTO LIPS), you automatically agree to all of these terms and conditions.